Winston Churchill: madman or genius?

Winston Churchill: madman or genius?

Who is Winston Churchill?

Winston Churchill was a prime minister of the United Kingdom, who is best known today for playing a big role in stopping the Second World War. Often described as a controversial figure due to his views and actions and people to this day disagree, whether he was a madman or a genius.

Winston Churchill – the hero ahead of his time

Everyone has heard about Churchill. He is the man regarded to be one of the greatest war-time leaders in Europe. He was the man who inspired the allies to join the fight and the man who led the whole continent into the victory in the Second World War. Many people are amazed to this day that Churchill was one of the few people who did not wish to surrender and it was his inspiration and passion that convinced others not to give up as well.

He is considered to be a genius because he managed to foster a special relationship between the UK and the US which continues to this day. Churchill is probably best known for his ‘Iron Curtain’ speech, a speech that alerted the world of the threat of communism and a speech that inspired many nations to reach for the stars. Until then, no one spoke so loudly about ‘blood, sweat and tears’ – a line that many people understood very well despite the difference in race, gender or social status. And most importantly, only a genius could win a Nobel Prize – something that Churchill achieved in the 1953.

Winston Churchill – even great men make mistake

Winston Churchill

It is often the case that when someone is famous people tend to overlook the mistakes and bad choices they have once made in their lives. That is the danger in Churchill. He was a big opposer of the Nazi regime, but some tend to forget that in some aspects his mentality was no different. Winston Churchill was a great supporter of eugenics just as the Nazi leaders. As the Nazi leaders, had forcibly sterilised many disabled people, Churchill has said that a nation is terribly weak if it permits the multiplication of the ‘feeble-minded’.

It was him who drafted a legislation which made it a must for mentally ill people to become sterilized. It is also highly overlooked that Churchill did not hold the most respectable views on other races since he refused to admit that great wrong has even been committed to the Indians or black people. He was the man who regarded whites are a stronger and more potent race. Not only that, when the Kurds rebelled against the British rule, it was Winston Churchill who spoke about using gas as a weapon.

It is indeed true that every great man makes mistakes, but it is also undeniable that it does not take that much for a genius to turn into a madman. And it seems that that was the fate of Winston Churchill.