Trove: New Players Guide

Trove: New Players Guide

I want to share five helpful tips for new Trove players. Hopefully, it will help your progression in Trove go a bit smoother. There are much more than just five tips a new player can use, however, these are five tips that I’ve come up with just for this guide. Let’s hop into it starting off with tip number one.

First things first

Class selection is the first thing to pop up when you load the game. I just want to point out that every class in Trove is viable for farming all in-game content. However, with the vast classes’ scale in Trove, there are definitely better classes than others to start out with.

Here’s a quick TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read) of the classes starting from left to right. I’ll provide you with my personal rank over each of the classes too.

The Tomb Raiser

Trove Tomb RaiserFirst up is a Tomb Raiser, a minion summoning tank. This is a great class to start out with due to the amount of survivability with its Banshee’s Boon reducing damage taken by a whopping 75%. And then you also have up to 8 minions that can all be out at once: just a bunch of bodies to help you tank. If you find yourself dying a bit more than you would like, this is a great class to try out.

The Boomeranger

Trove BoomerangerNext is the Boomeranger – a unique class that can equip both melee and ranged weapons while also having a purely cooldown based ability kit. This class is extremely powerful in the early game due to its high base stats and hard-hitting ultimate. However, this class does suffer from fall-off more than pretty much any other class in the entire game making it more of a weaker end-game class as of the game’s current balancing.

The Gunslinger

Trove GunslingerThe next class – the Gunslinger. This class is almost the polar opposite than the boom Ranger: it is one of the weakest starting classes with a very poor ultimate and no real damaging abilities besides a proc based right-click. Meaning you’re mostly just going to be doing the left click damage. By far, as of the current game’s balance, after you obtain appropriate stats, this class becomes arguably the most powerful class in the game, in the end-game that is. It’s safe to say that you will be playing this class at some point and I would recommend another class just for now.

The Candy Barbarian

Trove Candy BarbarianNext class up – the Candy Barbarian – a tool wielding powerhouse that not only heals, but also buffs the entire party. This class is like the Boomeranger with extremely high base stats and even harder hitting abilities. Unsurprisingly, I do recommend this class a bit more than the Boomeranger as it has next to no drop-off when it comes to endgame content, plus it has harder hitting abilities and is one of the most important classes if not THE most important class when it comes to party play due to the attack speed buff it provides the entire party. However, I could not recommend Candy Barbarian enough as a starting class.

The Knight

Trove KnightThe last starting class is the Knight. The Knight being a melee class has pretty high base stats and its ultimate makes the class nearly invincible for the 10-second narration while also providing the entire party a damage reduction shield. It’s not really the best at anything but it does do everything very very well. It’s pretty much the jack-of-all-trades intro.

If you ever want to try out any of the classes in Trove you can also use the class Trials system and play any class to level 4 just to try out.

Moving out to tip number 2

I highly recommend following the in-game tutorial system to the very end. I know that sounds a bit redundant to suggest the tutorial in a guide, but I get asked all the time about systems that are actually taught later on in the tutorial. People just tend to stop following the tutorial after the game opens up in the hub.

The tutorial is very important in teaching new players endgame mechanics early on, like dragon challenges and shadow tower which should both be started right away as they are hourly and weekly rewards that you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

Tip number 3

Tip number 3 is to not worry so much about what stats are on your equipment until either uber 8 or uber 9 and focus solely on your powering. I’m not saying don’t worry completely about your stats, you still need to be able to kill things, but don’t focus on getting perfect stats on all your gear while you’re still below uber nine. It’s much faster to just level up poorly statted gems and get into uber 9 as quick as possible because stellar gems the rarity that is only attainable in uber 9 are miles better than the uber 8 gems.Trove Stellar Gear Shadow Gold Helmet

As long as you participate in group play, you won’t even notice a difference in your kill speeds. If you are more of a solo focus player, just make sure you have gems that have at least one good stat like a base damage stat or a crit stat and if you still feel like you are super underpowered, either drop down on uber level or just grind those better gems. It will just take you so much longer than someone who can fly through the uber levels and that is just something you need to keep in mind.

Another quick tip is to buy the cheapest Stellar gear from trade chat as possible. Some Stellars are running as low as ten thousand flux, so even someone that has no clue how to make flux can get a full set of Stellars in their first hour playing Trove. This will give you an insane amount of starting power that could be the difference of being able to enter uber 9 much earlier than someone who doesn’t have a full set of Stellars.

Tip number 4

Tip number 4 is if you are in need of flux, grind items that also make you flux at the same time. Try not to focus solely on flux, for example, there are a few dragons that you farm by grinding materials like glacial shards and sunlight bulbs. In this case, it is OMG how fast you do get the dragon fragments.

I personally made over a million flux just by farming the glacial shards I needed to get all 5 dragon fragments for the Glacial dragon. I was extremely unlucky, but I had to do it because the dragon fragments are untradable and in turn, it made me a decent amount of flux for something I needed to do. Also by focusing on dragons first, you are raising your base magic find, which means you’re going to be getting the better drops as you’re outraising your powering, something you need to do.Trove Easy Flux

Advanced players can also check out marketplace guides to learn how you can always be making flux matter if you’re out grinding or in bed sleeping. I’m not saying you’re gonna get rich quick by just focusing on things you actually need instead of focusing solely on flux, but if you do find yourself without flux quite often, then it’s more likely it’s because you are too focused on how to make flux and not just going out and doing it.

Finally for tip number 5

If you ever feel a little bored or just want a break from doing dungeons, Geode is almost an entirely different game that is just a portal click away. It is more of an exploration focus section of the game with close to no combat at all.

It introduces so many mechanics and systems that aren’t in the base game, like companions and upgradable suit that you can use to travel deeper into the tier 2 cave system, a new profession, a battle royalish mode called Bomber Isle and much much more.

That is going to be it for this guide. I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you guys next time.

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