How to travel to Disneyland on a budget

How to travel to Disneyland on a budget

Disneyland was once said to be a once in a lifetime destination and even though there is one in Europe it can still prove quite costly to visit. But if you are careful and put some forethought into your holiday, there is a lot of money to be saved.

Getting there

Booking everything as far in advance as possible is the way forward. There are cheap tickets to be had on the Eurostar if you’re early enough – usually around 12 weeks prior to travelling – or you can even take your car on the ferry for a reasonable cost if you don’t travel at peak times. Airfares are often cheaper than you’d think too. A budget airline might take you to a smaller airport further away from the city, but offset the costs of transfers and you’ll often find it to be cheaper than flying direct to Paris with a major airline.

Buy Disneyland tickets before you travel

Disneyland TicketsAs with many theme parks, buying tickets at the gate can seem extortionate. Look online before you arrive and you’ll find significant discount on the entry charge, often tickets have up to 50% off the price. This will also save you time when you arrive as you’ll avoid having to stand in a lengthy ticket queue.

Don’t stay at a resort hotel

But that’s part of the experience, right? It can be, but resort hotels at Disneyland Paris aren’t exactly cheap. One stop away by train at Val d’Europe you will find a number of much more competitively priced hotels. The train takes around 20 minutes and costs just a couple of Euros per person. If you must stay at the theme park, there are some cheaper hotels there – though not as cheap as in Val d’Europe.

Use vouchers

There are occasionally offers on Groupon or Wowcher which can save you money on a Disneyland Paris trip, but you might want to dig a little deeper. A quick internet search will often throw up a few offers you can take advantage of either by printing out a voucher or using a code that they give you. There are often food offers available on these vouchers which is a lucky break because eating in the park can be prohibitively expensive. You could also take your own packed lunches into the park with you.

Visit in the off-season

Obviously check that Disneyland Paris is still open first, but travelling during the school summer holidays will be the highest price you can pay to visit. Taking kids out of school might not be an option for all, but midweek is the best and cheapest time to go if you can manage it. Also some areas have different half term breaks than others so it may still be possible to go in a school holiday and save a few euros.

So now you can have your once in a lifetime trip and potentially save hundreds of euros from the original price.