Why technology advertisements are targeting teenagers?

Why technology advertisements are targeting teenagers?

Recent studies have shown that teenagers are the biggest users of social media. If anything, in recent years teens have spent so much time on Whatsapp and Snapchat that less and less of them spent time on Facebook which might have led the tech giant to a decision to purchase Whatsapp for a very high cost.

One might say that today’s teens are ruling the tech industry, but many people might not understand why. And why do emerging tech companies seem to focus more and more on teens instead of the rest of the population?

It is not a new phenomenon – teenagers have always ruled brands

Teenagers have always been big players in any industry because most commonly they are the ones to adopt the brand be it clothes or tech. It is easy to target to teenagers because they young and often their brand preferences are not firmly defined. Also, their likes and dislikes are changing constantly, so it is easily possible to retarget the same teens on your list over time.

teenagers brandsHowever, modern teens are decision makers in their own right. They no longer follow what media is telling them to do but create their own trends and brand via social media. That may be since internet has opened unlimited information flow to any person who knows how to turn on a browser. And if someone does not know that, they might have a teen at home who will teach them that.

A recent study unveils that teenagers are more likely to pass down technology to their parents because and not the other way around, because they understand and grasp it better and faster than anyone else can.

Technology is the new-normal for today’s teens

Teens are such desired target audience because they can understand technology better than anyone else. Unlike millennials, many people were born in times when technology as we know it today has not existed so it has always been necessary to learn how things work which might prove as a difficult task with new gadgets being released every single day.

Technology TeensMillennials on the other hand have no learning curve to overcome. They have been born into a world where all this technology has been existing, hence they understood from the very beginning what is what and how to use it. That is why it has become so easy to target them when something new released because it is teens who will use this technology in the first place.

The only challenge that marketers face is the fact that teens are not loyal and are very likely to switch to a new and shiny object. Instead the millennials are loyal to the next best thing, which is always around the corner.

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