Does the refugee crisis endanger democracy?

Does the refugee crisis endanger democracy?

For years, Europe has been flooded by refugees, mainly from the Middle East and parts of Africa. In 2016, the refugee situation has increased enormously due to the destructive war in Syria.

The coasts of southern Europe saw thousands of people from small messengers flocking to their beaches for months. Above all, the European Member State of Greece had a hard time dealing with this emergency situation.

Democracy during Refugee crisisThis enormous increase in European land area is being pursued by many experts with great concern. With the refugee crisis in Europe there is a danger that Europe could change dramatically and that this change could also influence parts of democracy.

However, it is important to emphasize that not Europe could change as a principle, but the populist reaction of the countries to the refugee crisis. So it is only understandable that many ask themselves whether our democracy is endangered by the refugee crisis.

Critics who are concerned about the fact that democracy in Europe and in the broader sense is threatened by the refugee situation are seen as dangers, especially the following problems.

The return of nationalist movements

Due to the increasing problem of the refugee situation and the unrest resulting from it, there is a danger that one can worry about the return of extreme groups and parties.

Terrorism within Europe

The last two years have been a clear sign that disguised with the legitimate refugees and as such, even religious extremists and terrorists are making it to Europe. The danger of terrorism on its own soil, according to the experts, is the greatest attack on democracy.

Economic consequences

Like every extreme situation, the refugee crisis also has economic consequences for the countries concerned. Taking Greece as the first point of contact in the refugee stream, it is clear that caring for millions of people who are not citizens of their own country can be an extreme economic problem.

Political rumors

Political rumors

The refugee crisis is associated with very great political unrest and can lead to unrest within a country or between different Member States. There is also potential danger to the democratic values ​​of Europe.


In theory, Europe should be strong enough to deal with such an enormous refugee crisis as today’s, with democratic values. The true threat to democracy in Europe is not a problem of the outside world and of the refugees themselves, but an internal European political problem. Only if the Member States are concentrating on their democratic values ​​and opposing extreme groups, whether nationalist or terrorist, one will be able to ensure that democracy is not compromised.

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