Protect your mobile devices in summer season

Protect your mobile devices in summer season

Are mobile devices truly more vulnerable in the summer time?

After a tough year, cold winter and many overtime hours at work many of us dream of the summer holidays. There is nothing better than leaving your troubles behind and being able to relax by the sea or in the nature, eating all the food you want and sleep till the sun goes up. Since we live in the 21st century it is unavoidable that our mobile devices will accompany us on our holidays, but many people are not aware that such devices do require extra precautions when travelling. Stick with us and learn what steps you can take to protect your mobile devices.

Even while on holiday you should always update!

Mobile updateSuch important task yet so many of us neglect it – updates! We cannot stress enough how important updates are for your mobile devices. Phone manufacturers regularly send you notifications about updating your phone, so make sure to regularly check for them as updates work as a defense against some of the most horrible online threats there are. Without updates your security software gets old and you become at risk for hackers and thieves.

Make sure to use strong passwords

You might think that if your phone is always in your pocket it will be safe from the outside dangers, so you are not using a password. But that is a big mistake that potentially puts you at risk. Make sure to always use a password and do not make it something easy or basic. Do not use your birthdate as a passcode because it is a well-known fact that passwords that involve numbers are a lot easier to crack. Another tip – do not write down your passwords! Simply learn them by heart and avoid any possible trouble.

A good phone case is not just an accessory

If you are going to travel and carry your mobile devices everywhere with you, then make sure to invest into a good phone case. It is important to know that when choosing a phone case, you ought to look for something sturdy in quality rather pretty in its appearance.

Phone caseOf course, nowadays phone cases are so common that it is not a difficult task anymore to find something both pretty and useful. Do you wonder why you should use one? Because devices, especially phones sometimes fall on the ground, into the sink and crack their screen open. Or if you are lounging in the sun with your phone next to you it is possible for it to overheat, so make sure to protect it just like you would do the same for yourself.

Insurance is not a scam and will always have your back

The best way to protect your mobile devices in the summer is to get them ensured. That way you will be able to relax a little bit more and not stress if something bad were to happen to them. Insurance will be there to give you a piece of mind and nowadays phone insurance are not a big expense compared to what you would have to pay if you did have to buy a brand-new phone.

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