10 things you did not know about real estate

10 things you did not know about real estate

Real estate is a very dynamic sector. Speculation, high resale values, housing scarcity, all these are keywords which trigger reactions in our community.

Many of us dream of the house on Lake Starnberg, the old apartment in Munich. For most of us, however, these things remain only distant dreams. But let’s take a closer look at this fabled branch.

Bad for singles

If you are a homeowner, you have a very limited radius in which you move. It is easier, as a solitary individual, to give oneself to a new relationship if one has as few obligations as possible. A house or apartment can be an obstacle, because you are very much dependent on your own four walls.

Real estate family

Bad for the family

Even for an already existing relationship fabric, for an established partnership, a house purchase can be burdensome. The thoughts are in the investment, in what everything needs to be done. The togetherness suffers, the children get less attention. Especially if you decide to build a house, this is a great stress factor.

Home Sweet Home

The idea that a homeowner changes everything is tempting: one has worked well in the company, has a nice car bought, the partnership is running well, and even has a dog as a pet. Thus, only the four walls of their own are left to absolute happiness. Many couples hope for an increase in their own happiness, hoping that any problems can be solved by the new home. But this is not the case, just as a lottery profit does not make you happy in the long run, a new house makes no one happy forever.

A new house makes poor

Financing is now almost almost given away, the interest rate is historically low, and even with the Euribor even in the minus, many people think that it is finally time to afford a home. The construction boom of the past few years is the rest. Anyone who wants to build a house or buy an apartment must plan carefully. It is clear from the outset that you have to make sacrifices: the usual holiday falls more narrowly or falls completely away. The budget will adjust accordingly, but many issues will change. And you also simply gladly spend money on your own home, because you are the owner, it is just a pleasure to see how you invent your dream property.

Lack of time

Lack of time

An often forgotten problem is that the journey changes with each move. Probably the approach is longer if you buy your own house, because land is only cheaper outside the city limits. This makes the already scarce time even scarcer.

More work for all

A home means more work. Once the landlord was responsible for everything, one is responsible with the house itself. Gardening, housework, snow. Everything is done by the owner himself. If you then want to make a career, this can become a problem.

Divorce, separation, death

In life there are unfortunately not always only happy moments. There is also grief, death and separation. Especially separation or divorce is even more difficult, even if real estate is involved. The psychological stress of being detached from the home and the processing of the separation increases drastically. Not to mention the possible legal disputes.

Silence – for the sake of peace

Conflicts are not beautiful. Hardly anyone loves to argue. However, the pretended harmony is deceptive: couples who cover up conflicts and do not dispose of them are, statistically speaking, more vulnerable to parting at some time than couples who open up openly.

Savings are fading

Real estate savings You are not always immediately aware of the impact a home has on the finances. If you could make a restaurant visit without problems or a short vacation over the weekend, one is restricted after a house purchase. This applies in particular to elderly homeowners whose active income has decreased with the age of the pensioner.

Surreptitious action

Sometimes in life you make spontaneous decisions, you buy a new jacket, spontaneously decides for the trip of life. When buying a house this is of course different and it must be very well thought. “Check, therefore, whoever binds forever!” Is the winged word. You should give yourself time, get advice and inform.