How to Plan a Perfect Party

How to Plan a Perfect Party

Whether you are tasked with arranging a party or have chosen to do it yourself; there is no doubt you will want to plan a perfect party. After all, you want people to be talking about your party for months, if not years to come!

But how do you plan the perfect party?

The answer is actually quite simple; you need to plan in advance and make sure you cover all these points:


VenueThe first stage of any party planning is choosing the venue. This may be your own home or it might be the hall at the finest hotel in town. Deciding requires you to know what kind of party you are throwing; formal, friendly or an open event.

You will also need to have a budget in mind to ensure the chosen venue is affordable.


Part of choosing the venue involves knowing how many people you except or would like to be there. You also need to send out invites approximately one month before the event.

You can choose to mail them or even email them; again the style of invite and type will depend upon the type of party you are arranging.

It is worth noting that typically only 70% of people invited turn up; you need to invite approximately 130% of your required number.


The next step is to decide whether you are catering the party or if you need a professional firm. You will need to decide on the best menu for the event; this is likely to be finger food, although a sit down meal can be appropriate!

You will then need to locate the right catering firm for your needs and budget. If you are catering yourself it is essential to ensure you have enough time before the party to do so.

It is also important to consider what alcohol you will be serving and how much you should acquire.


Party AssistanceIt is highly likely that you will need help with either the planning or the running of the party. You need to consider how many helpers is the right number and what their roles will be; this will help you to choose the right people.


If you have a theme this will have to be decided at the start; in case you need to notify your guests. You will also need to ensure the venue is suitably decorated.

Planning the perfect party is stressful; you must approach each step methodically and make sure you have time to relax whilst organizing. You will want to enjoy the party as well!

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