10 reasons why children should grow up with dogs

10 reasons why children should grow up with dogs

Each of us knows that the dog is the best friend of man. Families who own a dog treat them as a family member and everyone who grew up with a dog will surely remember it. But what are the most important reasons why you should let your children grow up with a dog? We’ve collected a few for you.


Since every pet, especially dogs, need a lot of attention and care, children learn from the beginning what it means to be there for someone. Dogs depend on us humans and challenge us every day. Of course children can never take over the responsibility for a dog alone, but with the support of their parents and family, they learn to quickly make their own decisions.

More time in the fresh air:

Since dogs need a lot of exercise, families with dogs automatically spend much more time in nature. This keeps not only the dog, but the whole family fit. Less diseases are the result.


Children are often bored by something and are always looking for new challenges. If children grow up with dogs, they have to learn that you can not always put something away immediately if you do not feel like it anymore. Having a dog is something different than a dull toy.

Social Development:

Social DevelopmentSince dogs can not speak, animals and humans have to find another way to communicate. Children are much more patient with this task and must try to understand the emotions of the animal. That is, they have to learn how to put themselves into others, which will help them a lot in later life.


Animals love their owners without any conditions. Once a foundation is established and you are trusted, no one else can destroy this connection between man and dog so quickly. Children learn through this kind of connection what it means to have a friend and be one at the same time.

You feel protected:

Many children feel insecure or anxious in some situations. A dog who is always at her side, can give her the feeling of not being alone and of having someone to protect her. For example, certain children are confident that they will be able to meet new challenges that they would otherwise have refused. Just because someone is standing by your side.


Children who have a dog as a pet learn to love their animal as it is. They do not want to change it and learn to accept and accept other people as they are.


Sensitive dog owner

It has been shown that children who live in a divorced family and have a dog are less prone to loss than children who do not own a dog. A dog can give them comfort and joy. Every day.


To recognize the needs of a dog, a child must develop a lot of empathy. Thus, it learns to put itself into others and to develop a feeling for the interests of others.


Thanks to a study it could be shown that children who spend their first year with a dog or a cat are less sick than other children. They suffer less from cough or runny nose, as they can develop better defenses.

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